Guns To Shoot

by Kasai

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Drums and Tracking at Bonafide Studios, Muswell Hill, London.
Guitars/ Vocals recorded at Goldsmiths Music Studios, London.
Backing Vocals recorded at Brutus & Luna Studios, Archway, London.
Bass recorded at Pretzel Logic Studios, London.

Thanks to our family, friends and fans for supporting us through the years.

Special Thanks to Jordan Brown (Pretzel Logic Studios/ Rube Goldberg Machine).


released April 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Kasai London, UK

Kasai is a dynamic British rock four-piece formed to provide an authentic and honest sound in an increasingly processed and manufactured music scene. With influences ranging from Old School American blues, British Invasion Heavy Metal to Modern American hard rock, the band has been described as

‘A glorious throwback to the days of heavy tunes and big voices’
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Track Name: Get Out
Hero born in a same old fight
people die to make things right
Buildings fall to birds in flight
Work that artificial satellite

cars replace the poor work horse
eating trendy cos all the plastic
pills and lotions arm the knights
See that hipster acting lady like // Lady like

Let's get, out and, play tonight
set the trolls in line
cos we're running out of time
maybe we'll be fine
Switch it Off/ Switch it Off

Black piss in a fancy bottle
keeps you slim but kills your thoughts
the red and green, roasted beans
siren smiling when her heart is mean. least it's lean

Attention seeking whores at play
Got the urge to spend away
Barbie bends and Ken will say
You will find the light of night today, Pump away

Let's get out and play tonight
set the trolls in line

Oh switch it off
There ain't too much of them goin round
Oh switch it off
Witness the royal spectacular gate to sound

Show 'em man

cos we're running out of time
maybe we'll be fine
Switch it Off/ Switch it Off
Track Name: Hellfighter
Hear the everyday moaner calling me crazy...
I’d say what I think but the mind is exhausted man
I stand on the brink staring at the sink cos
The Juice has turned sour, It’s making me queasy

Yeah the yellows and blues, they turn red too
I'm gonna touch that sky to lighten the hue
I wander alone Cos I don’t have a clue
I knew I was right but nobody’s ever true

Why don’t ya stop and join in the fun
Don’t pretend as if you got none
Fire away that machine gun
Hellfighter come undone

When we met the men who wore the monocles
Haven’t been spoken to, heard they were cynical
Renewin their views and wants they are clinical
Hurling abuses so posh on a pinnacle

We want to figure it out for ourselves
Cos we live for nobody else
We got no reputations to maintain
Yet We feel insane
Why won’t ya stop and join in the fun
Don’t pretend as if you got none
Fire away that machine gun
Hellfighter come undone

I wanna be a part of an inner circle
Open the doors to the house of thunder
You guessed what I thought, go light me a candle
Reap the reward, but handle the scandal

You only get what you deserve
If you walk along the human herd
To play the wolf, there’s much to learn
Yeah you roll and burn
Why don't you stop... join in the fun
Don’t pretend as if you got none
Fire away that machine gun
Hellfighter come undone
Hellfighter come undone
Track Name: Who's There
I’m drowning out
Out of your way
I hit the ground
Way too late in L.A.
Lurking in the town
To meet my friends and play

I become
A part of me
Is done

I’m hearing sounds
On the airwaves, on the air, on the air
I’ll play it loud
Max that gain, max that gain, max it
To annoy the crowd
I’ll be forever vain

I don't like this
Track Name: Blow
All I Need
Is to Breathe
Hearts on speed
It never heeds

sight for sore eyes
adds to my plight
Pleasure of vice
Try as I might

Like a Piranha
She's gonna getcha
She wont let you
What you gonna do and where you gonna go?
Feel the thrust
Inflict some pain
Blow your mind
She'll blow your mind

Flags Remind and
Justifies the
Hate in my eyes
Now I walk blind

Feed my lust
If you must
Only just
I take aim
Lay my claim
Try to tame

Like a Piranha
Gonna getcha
She won't let you
What you gonna do and where you gonna go?

Feel the thrust
Inflict some pain
Blow your mind
She'll blow your mind
Track Name: Sunset
Sunset, I'm in love again
Your dirty rays kiss me from within
Fakin smiles and playing their game
A city corrupts an immaculate frame

Hold on

Sunset, Sunset
Sunset, you're turning to be
A pre-madonna I'm down on my knees
You take a name I wish it was me
A Phoenix lying so still in debris

cos it''s dead

Hold on

in your space, your near and yet so far
take away, a night that's very dark
Will you wait so we learn who we are

Sunset, Sunset
Going down, now ease up the pace
I yearn for your cold embrace
They call it choice but you call it fate
Oh Falling angel you're so full of grace

It's so Sad, Sunset
Track Name: We're Going To Mars
Met a man with gold in his teeth
and flowing silver hair
Said to me that all wasn't well
and the bag was bare

and when I spoke, he vanished in, a puff of smoke

cos space tools, and LOGICAL gadgets
were never good to me
reflections from a glass in a bar
then it came easy

it's in your mind
in your mind
in your mind

what's in a name?
fortune and fame
a little pill
and a mind tamed

Yeah we're going to Mars
flaming with the stars
counting down the hours
we have come too far to stop now

When all we do is kneel and pray
to gods of yesterday
the wild ones just down the road
haven't had their say

and in a flash, an overdose
they got to dash

pretty girls that catch the eyes
of a clueless breed
when you have a face that looks like
a butcher from the east

but in my lamp, a genie waits, to unleash

waves in sight
spectral lights
setup a hack
get in a fight
Track Name: Magick
Sometimes I ponder, in the midst of the outer space
In the blue black yonder, I can feel so out of place
Try, I try

Hear me people with your sorrows, pains, regrets
the dead and dying, Folks that not us all as yet
Sun and Light
Light and sun and light
Light and sun and light

Above the gemmed azure,
splendour of naked deed
She bends in ecstasy
to kiss the love of her needs
Her blue eyes are mine

We're rising to the light of a never ending ray,
A sip to break the trance, for years and years we strayed
To melancholic tunes we dance and sway
Dancing with the enchanted soiree // Dance
We're dancing with the enchanted soiree

And how!

Do what thou wilt
Shall be the whole of the law
Love is the law
Love under your will
Track Name: Rose
I am in love tonight with a Parisian Rose
She's playing hard to get to get me in the mood
Wandering eyes at night are so hard to control
A devil in disguise, I've got nothing to lose

she lies again to hide a seedy tale of yore
her loving smile and style just makes me want her more
3's not a crowd to me, its so right yet so wrong
Spending money foolishly, girl I'm willing to endure

Rose I'm in love with you
And I live for the day when you care for me baby
You know I'd die for you
but I'll be underground when you're back in town again

Parisien Rose, why can't I have a holiday?
I take you in and, it's the price of life I pay
Did I not tell you I just lost my job today?
The same old story when they let me have my way

Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose

When I hold and touch to say you are mine
you seem to play the game and the night is fine
then you push me back, to cut me some slack
Your messing around with my mind to crash
Track Name: Run
What would you do, when it's cold outside
And the firewood isn't dryin
The cupboard is bare, a lady stared at us
in the corner crying

When old Jim said there's none for you
and mocked my open wounds
I sent him to hell, took all I could get
for the highway was a ruse
We were set loose

Mama told me days like this would come
Fooling with smoking guns
'You're just too young, For all this fun
Look at what you've become

But I will face that raging fire
viking funeral pyre
Don't take me there, I'll take my time
Valhalla in my sight

Cos I can run
and Dont you slow me down
You never put your money on us / Dont slow me down
I'll take it now / Dont slow me down

You can be glad with what you have
but friend there's much to crave
Left it behind, cos this is my time
and I ain't dying a slave boy

For some I've got the heart of a snake
for some I can't be tamed
I'll leave you alone, for sanity's sake
to think on who is to blame

As time went by I realized
a noose for me was tied
by the smiling stealing lying sheriff
fed up of the poor man's pride

When we will face that raging fire
viking funeral pyres
Don't take my there, I'll take my time
the darkness is my guide

Outro -
Where you gonna run to now boy
cos Your time is come

You ain't going far boy
cos Your time has come

We're right behind you
cos Your time has come

See the Hounds are trailing
Your time has come

You can't keep running
cos Your time has come

You'll be swinging
Your time has come
Track Name: Guns To Shoot
Seated in the back of a car
Deafened by the silence of
cinder and tar

As I struggle to get my words out
folks of frenzied crowd
fighting for a chance

I don't know what to do

Been so long
how you've been
you've grown so tall
a man in the making
do you remember me?

Now in dreams I can see
all my sins as the
soul of a woman watches over me

Look here kid
no one's been told this
girls who wear high boots
go for the
finer things in life
owned by
the ones
who make
the guns to shoot ya

You can't go low-er than a jingo
playing roulette with the thoughts
of a weakened mind

When Will I be, free from this
Does eternal bliss
await after the
magical click

Look here kid
new worlds beckon you/ I know how this works
girls in knee high
boots go for the
finer things in life
owned by
the ones
who make
it fun to shoot guns

If you leave, I will follow like a shadow
there must be a new change in what is
Emptiness is an answer for tomorrow
but i fear we're getting closer
to the end when our minds
Aren't clear

Now your plans
for tomorrow
come from
spending days
each other's sorrow

There is only one, Love